Solar powered science toys, gadgets and novelties. Engage children in learning about our greatest renewable energy source.

Build Solar Power Helicopter Science Kit from Small World Toys' Science series comes with the parts you have to construct the moving helicopter model. Build and manage a solar-powered helicopter and discover about solar power with this particular beginners physic kit for children. The put together helicopter will get operated by the solar power in the solar power and charger and flies in circles.

Solar science toys awesome kit is both eco-friendly and filled with scientific fun! Make your solar rover while using detailed instructions incorporated, put it outdoors on the sunny day watching it zip along.No batteries are needed! The Solar Rover's solar power turns sunlight into electricity that runs the motor. Recycle a pop can to create your solar rover unique!

Solar powered science toys

4M Green Science Solar Rover Kit  Incorporated are 1 chassis with rear axle in position, 1 front axle, 4 wheels, 1 motor with wire and earthworm gear installed, 1 motor cover, 1 group of solar power support arm components (1 base joint, 1 short arm section, 1 lengthy arm section and 1 top joint), 1 solar power holder, 2 reflector panels, 1 transparent chassis body, 2 terminal caps, 1 lengthy screw, 2 short screws, 1 adhesive foam, 2 reflective stickers, and 1 detailed group of instructions. You should use the rover inside in addition to out (nevertheless it is most effective outdoors under sunlight). It is a science project that's eco-friendly in addition to fun!