Solar Powered Wooden toy is a fantastic gift for kids

Looking for solar wooden toys for children? Each solar powered wooden toy is fun and educational too. There are wind turbines, simple building kits. helicopters and carousel are perfect examples of children's colourful and chunky wooden toys.

Wooden toys are simply classic, and when made from FSC wood they're a very green and safe option for kids. But today's kids' toys often have a gadgety gimmick. These wooden helicopter and airplane toys keep all the classic and add some cool with subtle solar power.

Solar powered science toys, gadgets and novelties. Engage children in learning about our greatest renewable energy source.

Build Solar Power Helicopter Science Kit from Small World Toys' Science series comes with the parts you have to construct the moving helicopter model. Build and manage a solar-powered helicopter and discover about solar power with this particular beginners physic kit for children. The put together helicopter will get operated by the solar power in the solar power and charger and flies in circles.

Educational Solar Energy Kit increases your child’s knowledge about solar energy

Educational Solar Energy Kit increases your child’s knowledge about solar energy and how it can be used constructively to serve various purposes. Solar Powered toy kit teaches your children the benefits of solar power.Easy To Assemble and Play Your children can easily assemble the parts of this toy and play with it for endless hours.6 patterns - Plane, Car, Robot, Helicopter, Windmill and Boat kids can create 6 patterns of a plane, a car, a robot, a helicopter, a windmill and a boat with this kit.

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Solar powered toys are not only found fun, they don't cause any injuries towards the atmosphere by filling landfills with batteries. Batteries contain chemicals that, when the batteries are thrown away, can leak and poison water supplies. But purchasing your kids solar toys helps to ensure that you'll decrease your carbon footprint while using sun's natural energy to power your kids' toys.