Solar Powered Wooden toy is a fantastic gift for kids

Looking for solar wooden toys for children? Each solar powered wooden toy is fun and educational too. There are wind turbines, simple building kits. helicopters and carousel are perfect examples of children's colourful and chunky wooden toys.

Wooden toys are simply classic, and when made from FSC wood they're a very green and safe option for kids. But today's kids' toys often have a gadgety gimmick. These wooden helicopter and airplane toys keep all the classic and add some cool with subtle solar power.

Solar Powered Wooden toy

Solar Powered Wooden Helicopter is a fantastic gift for kids. Not only is it robustly made to withstand the heavy rigours of being a kid’s favourite toy, but it also serves as an educational gift that can teach the young the power of the sun and solar panels.

Solar-powered Wooden Helicopter toy is a great gift for just about any kid. The solar panel around the cutting blades power a little motor unit inside the wooden helicopter. This will cause the rotors to spin when enough light hits the solar power.An incredible solar educational toy - no batteries! The solar panel on the top from the cutting blades makes this toy an excellent educator. It teaches children the strength of the sun's rays and renewable electricity. Put the toy within the shade and also the cutting blades gradually arrived at a halt. Renewables would be the future, which toys are perfect at getting youthful kids thinking about the strength of the sun's rays in creating electricity.